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Porschea Boone is the CEO/Owner of Trap Girl Secrets, LLC. A writer at heart, Porschea devotes her time here at Trap Girl Secrets to show how important mental health is and is aligned with your mind, body, and soul can help artist balance their feminine and masculine side, more so duality. Being aligned helps you to discern and make decisions that are good for your higher self in the long run. Porschea is passionate about plants and is currently pursuing further education and is on the road to becoming an herbalist. Herbalists treat patients using plant-based remedies and other treatments.

Trap Girl Secrets was created when Porschea encountered her spiritual awakening and as a single mother, she knew how important, being able to balance out her energy was. Being a woman doesn't make "being a woman" any easier. Sometimes women are so busy making sure everything gets done, they forget to nurture and detox themselves. See, even though many people have heard the word “Chakra” before, most of them are not aware that chakras act as the 7 main energy points in our body and when they’re out of balance, our physical and mental health gets out of balance too. Soaking in water that's been infused with Trap Girl Secret's is a spiritual experience. Not only does it not create a great vibe for your meditation sessions. It's cleansing your body of unwanted toxic energy's mentally and physically. Trap Girl Secrets also has much more to choose from to get in-tuned with your sensual inner self. Always remember, SELF LOVE, IS THE BEST LOVE!


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