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Throat Chakra ( Vishuddha )

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The throat chakra's energetic function is to help us find authentic self-expression and speak one's truth.

The Throat chakra better known as the Vishuddha chakra is the base of the fifth chakra, located at the Larynx. Vishuddha is responsible for communication and the ability to speak your personal truth. The fifth chakra is the first of three spiritual chakras. In the area of the throat, it governs the anatomy region of the thyroid, jaw, neck, and mouth.

How to open and align the Throat chakra?

Chanting, singing, and reading aloud are great ways to activate the fifth chakra.

Throat Chakra & Yoga

While doing yoga there are a few poses you are able to do to stimulate your Throat chakra.

  1. The Camel Pose.

  2. The Bridge Pose.

  3. The Shoulder Stand.

  4. The Plow.

Utilizing these poses will stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands and will bring energy to the throat area.

Color is another way to stimulate this chakra. Blue is the color that represents the Vishudda chakra and gems that are beneficial to balance this chakra are Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, and Turquoise.


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